What the ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples’ Astrology Says About Their Compatibility

What the ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples’ Astrology Says About Their Compatibility

An astrologer weighs in on whether these couples were destined for success or failure from the beginning, according to their sun signs.

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Since the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind premiered back in early 2020, the reality show has earned plenty of bragging rights. Thanks to the successful ilton and Lauren Speed and Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey were able to tell season two contestants that the social experiment, indeed, has been “proven” to work.

Once again, 30 men and women met, speed dating-style, in closed pods, and were challenged to connect without seeing one another’s physical appearance. Only once they had fallen in love and become engaged were couples allowed to see one another. Then, they had to contend with the challenge of seeing if their nascent relationships could survive IRL.

On February 25, the Love Is Blind season 2 finale – aka “the wedding episode” – dropped on the streaming platform, and fans found out which couples said “I do” and which https://besthookupwebsites.org/local-hookup/portland/ left the altar in tears. And if you’re wondering how the cast members’ natal astrology might explain the couples’ compatibility and ability to make it or break up, you’re in the right place.

Here, the scoop on each of the final couple’s astrological compatibility, based on their sun signs. Warning to LIB fans who somehow have yet to binge the finale: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Iyanna McNeely (Taurus) & Jarrette Jones (Scorpio)

Iyanna McNeely, a Taurus born on April 20, 1994, and Jarette Jones, a Scorpio born on November 5, 1989, had off-the-charts chemistry from episode 1 on. They connected on a deep emotional level, with Jarrette opening up to McNeely about almost losing his life the year prior. After getting engaged and meeting face-to-face, Jones told the cameras, “She just fits like a glove when I hug her. I didn’t expect her to look like that. Her voice does not match what she looks like but I’m happy as hell. Wow.”

There was a bit of friction around Jones originally thinking he might propose to Mallory Zapata and the couple realizing, upon returning to Chicago, that they’re very different in terms of how they like to spend their free time. (McNeely’s a typical Taurean homebody while Jones likes to go out.) But in the end, the couple worked on each challenge as it came up and happily made it to “I do.”

Taurus and Scorpio sit opposite one another in the zodiac – in other words, they’re “sister” signs. Ruled by pleasure-first Venus, Taureans are conflict-averse, prefer to chill out, soak up beautiful art and sumptuous food, and take it easy. Meanwhile, Scorpio, co-ruled by aggressive Mars and transformative Pluto, is super-intense, wanting to live their best life in a bolder, more take-charge way. But these two fixed signs are both up for committing to doing the work of a long-term relationship. As a calm Taurus, McNeely can help Jones feel more grounded and centered, and as an intuitive Scorpio, Jones helps McNeely swim in deeper emotions. Judging by their astrology and how the season played out, these two have incredible lasting power and are the season two couple most likely to follow in Cam and Lauren’s shippable footsteps.

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