The newest Figuratively speaking Business (SLC) told me you to definitely, based on HM Revenue and Customs’s details, I really don’t are present

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The newest Figuratively speaking Business (SLC) told me you to definitely, based on HM Revenue and Customs’s details, I really don’t are present

I have already been paying my personal student loan just like the 2010 into the month-to-month instalments of more than ?two hundred via PAYE, the balance is growing and focus charge was ballooning

The trouble seems to have started while i altered work from inside the 2012. 36 months after, I came across one not one regarding my personal payments ended up being put on my account.

HMRC insisted it had been an issue for SLC. I delivered four years’ property value payslips so you can SLC double (they missing the initial lot) and you can, shortly after 1 year, ?a dozen,366 try deducted out-of my personal obligations. One didn’t include the collective focus fees. SLC insisted I found myself responsible for these types of as they was basically placed on an enthusiastic incorrectly excessive harmony.

That was in 2019. Since then, I’ve been unable to log in to view my account. SLC has variously told me there’s a block on it, that it’s being investigated by HMRC, or, more recently, that it isn’t authorised to discuss the account over the phone. It also insists it is not authorised to send paper statements, so can’t establish what I owe.
EK, London

SLC introduced myself on to HMRC, which assured an unexpected investigation. It appears that when you changed perform their national insurance count is blended with a great stranger’s, thus payments have been seated during the limbo to have 9 years with focus accumulating to the balance you to, but for the latest error, must have started paid down. What is actually really stunning would be the fact SLC and you can HMRC tried to offload your on to one another into six many years which you have tried to take care of the issue, and you can step was just pulled while i had inside.

I’ve also set up good ?400 redress fee, and place steps in position to eliminate a reoccurrence of this matter.” SLC, and that did not offer a remark, enjoys meanwhile decided that you owe ?step 1,800, but have but really to spell it out whether for example the new unfairly used desire. Definitely, you need this new unsubstantiated share written of. The predicament might be worrisome enough when it try a one-out of. But not, other students have reported in my experience that they’re becoming recharged to own expenses they’ve currently paid back, or prohibited away from checking its equilibrium.

Londoner Ce received confirmation from SLC that his loan was paid up in 2019. However, deductions from his salary resumed without explanation in ed each other. “HMRC told me it had received notification from SLC in May to deduct student loan repayments,” he writes. “SLC said this must have been an error and that they would notify HMRC to stop taking payments and I would receive a refund from my employer.

“By September the payments were still being deducted, and SLC claimed that a mortgage-style’ loan, from Thesis Servicing on my account, was to blame. But it confirmed it had no record of anyone with my name.”

HMRC states: “We apologise as well as have current our very own ideas so you’re able to echo brand new beginner loan money built to big date

“In my own latest name that have SLC, it told you it might not render any longer information about this mysterious financing and that most of the it may perform try alert HMRC once again, however, this will account for in order to two months. HMRC states they hasn’t read out-of SLC. Thus I am caught inside the an effective bureaucratic horror which has, so payday loans Alamo far, prices me personally ?dos,one hundred thousand that we can also be unwell pay for.”

Meanwhile, EW of London has been trying since 2018 to find out how much she still owes. “Every time I am told there is a balance error so there is suppression on my account, which means they can’t provide me with an accurate statement, or an estimate of when this will be resolved,” she writes.

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