“my” compared to. “mine” into the several manager possessive

“my” compared to. “mine” into the several manager possessive

“I very enjoy your getting my personal and Gregg’s man to college now.” – however, I will suggest “all of our child” or even the children’s name could well be natural than simply “my and you may Gregg’s son”?

Whenever i agree with Warsaw Have a tendency to, wouldn’t it remain grammatically correct to use “mine” in this instance, if you believe of “mine” since referring to “my kid”? That is, can you imagine the initial phrase are which?:

– Ok, however, I think Gregg’s son comes first-in you to definitely circumstances and work out obvious what “mine” try making reference to:

In fact, it’s not specific regarding brand new whether or not our company is speaking on the one or two pupils. If it is one to, and the audio speaker nonetheless desires speak about one another themself and you may Gregg, then i imagine “Gregg’s and you may my man” was more natural than just “My and you may Gregg’s guy”. And in case there are two – I might prefer “Gregg’s and you can my children”, I think.

Hi porsche, I am nevertheless not so yes

– I understand it is really not that which you requested, nevertheless the a great deal more I think about any of it, the fresh quicker need We look for to mention both Gregg or myself; one another understands whose son was in it. If we expose our child so you’re able to some one I don’t thought we constantly say, “This really is Gregg’s and you will my personal child”, but both “That is our very own girl” otherwise “This really is my daughter”. Next, I think we’d become more browsing say “my personal kid” or “my personal daughter” than “my personal guy”, wouldn’t we? Or whenever i stated before, simply have fun with their name:

Into the analogy offered from the brand new concern, my personal is right and you may exploit grammatically impossible – the remainder is concept.

– We agree that everything you state is the cure for new totally new matter, although rest isn’t only throughout the design, it’s about category of natural. I recently don’t believe you to “my and you may Gregg’s boy” was sheer English. It does not sound in my experience particularly things an indigenous speaker manage say.

Have a tendency to, I accept almost all you said, with the exception of anything

You asserted that the initial sentence is not too clear. I disagree. All type supply to date enjoys an incredibly specific definition:

can only imply the same thing. A number of would say this is ungrammatical, that have “my” future first, however, if perhaps not ungrammatical, it is about interracialpeoplemeet reddit believed rude by most of the. Which pronoun change is very unsuitable, despite everyday speech. If you chat such as this, group, “educated” or otherwise not, tend to consider you will be an earlier teenager which can not establish the cellular phone.

can also simply mean Greg has children, you really have a different sort of kid, and people took both youngsters to school. Although this and matical, it’s still rude. Comprehend the comment significantly more than on “my”.

Mention, evey solitary one among them types is wholly unambiguous. Possibly all are grammatical, many should be avoided getting explanations stated.

Past, Often, the opinion in regards to the need speak about Greg is extremely really taken. Specifically for instances when Greg and you’ve got children together, it might be not likely to mention Greg anyway (rendering it actually sharper you to “mine” meaans a couple various other babies). First, from the bringing-up Greg, it’s about created that he’s maybe not actually expose. If it was possible, why must he also be said? You might simply state

I totally agree that all phrases you’ve given is actually unambiguous, but these are generally all the consequence of our very own translation of the original sentence. Okay, because sbee up coming requires when it shall be ‘my’, the guy really does inform you, in case i make unique sentence since it really stands rather than one review, i quickly however found it unclear. We thinkl that is what I required.

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