Minutes of Federal Muslim Christian Liaison Committee, Catholic Pastoral Middle, Toronto, 7:00 p

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Minutes of Federal Muslim Christian Liaison Committee, Catholic Pastoral Middle, Toronto, 7:00 p

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yards. Present: Hanny Hasan, Barbara Saddiqui, Ahmed Hafez, Jim Payton, Meters. Kemal Hydal, Salima Ebrahim, Joseph J.P. Horrigan, S.J., Bader Abu-Zahra, Father Bernard Tremblay, John Mountain, Karen Teasdale, Joian MacPherson, Rev. Cannon Mukasa, Liyakat Takim, Ibrahim Hayani, Tim Hegedus

  1. Opening Prayer: Hanny Hasan
  2. Introductions: Hanny Hasan is the meantime Muslim co-chair and you will Josephine Lombardi is the Christian co-settee. A couple of the latest users joined us: Ahmed Hafez symbolizing brand new Northern York Islamic Hub and you will Maulaana Mustapha Kemel Hydal symbolizing the newest Ontario Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ish’at Islam (Lahore). Dr. Liyakat Takim desires to take part, but are not able to sit in the brand new conference. Dr. Takim is an imam and you may a teacher into the Spiritual Training during the McMaster School.
  3. Recognition escort Vallejo of your Plan
  4. The telephone appointment of finished with a recommendation to consider reconstitution and you can eyes. Dr. Lombardi demanded using four quantities of dialogue to help you framework the job of one’s panel. The brand new Four quantities of dialogue are: Talk away from Lifestyle, Discussion off Theological Exchange, Discussion from Step, and Dialogue regarding Religious Feel. The original hr of meeting founded inside the conversation out of this type of five levels of talk plus the chance for committee really works in order that private users could manage a certain issue and meet/discuss the city separately. The prospective will be to return and you may report to brand new high class. The possibility of a lot fewer, but prolonged conferences was discussed also. The possibility of exposing a good facilitator grew up. Father Tremblay ideal your group might get a few of it works over when you look at the appointment. The fresh new tip of an effective facilitator grew up in the cell phone appointment of Will get thirteen. The group arranged your history hr of Get twenty-five appointment could be used to target the new four aspects of talk and you can panel performs therefore the tip to create inside a good facilitator is actually dropped. Below the five components try noted that have labels regarding panel users and you may you can parts as handled inside committee meetings. For those who don’t sit in which meeting and want to signup one of those committees, excite pass your label to Josephine Lombardi.

Dad Tremblay enjoys pointers as posted for the web site

Prospective desires in the category: Get together regarding information to have prayer in accordance to own interfaith organizations, revealing away from info to have interfaith wedding between Muslims and you will Christians. The brand new Middle to own Ecumenism features a good booklet on this subject material. The fresh new vow is to offer the new fruit of discussion toward area also to leading contours out of casual experience. This community can have from the 2nd conference from 2011-2012.

Conversation from Theological Change committee members: Father Bernard Tremblay, John Slope, Karen Teasdale, Josephine Lombardi, Hanny Hasan, Jim Payton, Dr. Takim? (Emails: , , , , ,

Prospective wants: Hanny suggested micro-theological exchanges to your scripture/doctrine for each appointment. This community have a tendency to look for an abundance of subject areas become demonstrated within coming conferences having that Muslim and another Religious fellow member to present, followed by class discussion no longer than simply 10-10 minutes. Others goal includes believed a more certified enjoy with a section demonstration because of the theologians which is accessible to anyone. This community have a tendency to report back in the 2nd conference.

Prospective specifications of the classification: Think new annual restaurants: big date, site, will cost you, speakers, youthfulness wedding, an such like. This group often declaration straight back in the 2nd fulfilling.

Possible wants because of it group: Set-up two ventures: one to Muslim knowledge and something Christian skills where users can go to one other inside yet another context: breaking out of fast, worship, prayer, or some other types of event- offer an invitation to at least one feel for each side a-year. Barbara keeps suggested a meeting a while ranging from adan.

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