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I’ve been on the Youtube’s but you know I just can’t stay away where to buy airbrush makeup kit, I’m so here I am, and today I wanted to go over a this interesting item that I picked up at harbor freight a few weeks back, um, let’s just do a little forward action here luminess air airbrush makeup kit.What I picked up was one of these one fifth horsepower air compressor kit that has the compressor in the air brush and a few other odds and ends and today what I want to do is just an unboxing and what I want to do is show you what you get when you buy this thing, um, I’ll just give you my first impressions, um I want to do a full review on this later but I still need to work with this a little bit more before I feel comfortable giving you my opinion of the unit, let’s just get this video going just hang tight I’ll be right back.Hey guys look what I got when I got some stupid as usual, but you know the stupidest purchases can often be the most fun anyway, this is what I got I dropped by my local harbor freight I don’t know about a week ago.And I picked this up I have wanted one of these for a while and now I’ve always really wanted a good air brush compressor a instead I bought this thing, um, which is not a good one, but from my research which has not been great but I’m somewhat familiar with this particular product people have had good luck with it. So I’m going to give it a shot, um I have several large expensive air compressors already and I just didn’t want to.You know, put two three four hundred dollars into an air brush an air brush compressor you until I know I’m gonna.Um uses, um, so we’ll give this a shot first, I’ve never used an air brush before you know and that’s why I got the kit I got this has a cheap e air brush in it I have a slightly nicer one.A that I can try out also.So this is it I it was 79 dollars and that was I guess a sale price, it was listed as as advertised in the store, um, which usually means it’s just an advertised regular price.And but they wouldn’t have had a 20% off coupon and they wouldn’t take it so I had to pay, um what theyre tag price was for it but that’s still cheap really cheap including including the little fish parts here’s what comes in a you get the compressor hose a regulator filter. And then their brush into some tools so you know it is what it is we’re going to give it a shot, so it’s rated at one fifth horsepower and they have another one that isn’t the kit that’s rated at one sixth horsepower, there’s not a lot of difference in the units themselves but there’s a little bit of difference like the other one has this stuff as well as it has a gauge and a filter but they’re different and also on the compressor, the fins on this little heat sink are different, as well, so maybe they’re slightly different I don’t think the.The jump from one sixth horsepower to a fifth of a horsepower is that much it’s probably meaningless actually, anyway I just wanted to mention that it probably doesn’t mean anything.But it’s worth noting I guess so here are the specs, OK.58 Max working PS I A fifth of a horsepower.Point seven c FM at forty PS I at 1. 1 amps.A hundred watts.A little more than that, but a 1750 rpm motor speed and of course hundred twenty volts.Um and ized aluminum air brush has a glass jar, a metal cup and a hanging hook, so now there’s not a lot in there you don’t get a lot for the kit but it’s nice that you get a cheap air brush it, if you’ve not done this before.Like me, um, you know. You got a free air brush and if you mess it up a who cares though it also you can get cheap air brushes on Amazon, for I don’t know, like eight or nine bucks up to fifteen or twenty for a slightly better one so.If you’re starting out I’m I’m hoping that this is a good starter air pump for for someone who wants to practice or play with air brushing various things and it’s it’s easy and cheap to get into and a hundred bucks, you could have two air brushes and the pump and the kit and probably has some paint, well that’s enough jabbering let’s crack this open and take a look at what’s inside.Alright, let me adjust this a little bit.Well I will tell you that, and this is something I noticed at the store fit and finish wise like how this feels it feels pretty nice and I will say. Um, this is a different compressor or at least there are some differences than what’s on the picture of the box, so here’s the box, you can see at least this top part of course, this is modular like whenever they could improve or reduce cost of something like this.And still attached to this body.Yeah, but there’s definitely some differences here.Yeah I guess you would say we don’t know if that’s for good or bad, but a product like this that’s built down to a price whenever you see changes, um I think it’s for for the worse and you can even tell look how how how few are and how much smaller the heat sinks are on here versus here, this looks different.It’s not just a color and this is more flat, this is sticks out further, of course that’s on the body of the.Um the compressor itself this the filter looks different. That looks the same.Most of everything else looks the same.Okay, so this has a switch on the casting which is not present, which means does that mean this doesn’t have an on and off switch.I don’t see one up, try her okay so it does so for for this looks like a slightly at least a slightly cheaper version of this pump.HMM.We’re gonna try I have to be honest with you, um, this doesn’t fill me full of hope for this a unit, most of the good reviews of of what I thought was this compressor were actually for a different compressor.Um, and usually when a product like this which is built to a price.Um, it’s changed, it’s usually changed to lower the price and you end up losing a little bit of quality as well, so.We’re gonna find out if it’s any good it still might be you know we’ll see here’s everything I got OK you got some instructions air hose, this is a braided hose and you probably can’t see.It’s pretty soft and flexible I like that record, so this cord is thick.A it is.Three c.300 volt.So you know it’s rated well, it feels cheap but it’s rated pretty well.But it does have a lot of it has a lot of flexibility to it, just I don’t know it feels like cheap rubber. Here is the air brush.Can you see that let’s crack that open OK so here’s the air brush, let’s just take a quick look at it.You know I have to admit the fit and finish of everything is actually pretty good, you know the the air, the air hose, the cable that the compressor itself, it feels solidly built, it’s heavy.It’s just I also know what the previous one looked like and I think it was felt a little better quality, um, this so here’s a.Here’s a paint bottle, this is class, this is a tool to hang the brush.So this is to help you take it apart.TO.So this is a paint cup okay so here’s the air brush itself.And again fit and finish wise, it feels good, it’s heavy. AH.It’s it’s a dual action.I assume this was just going to be one of those types of air brushes that just gives you control of on or off, but to me this seems like it’s the kind that gives you control of the paint flow okay, so here’s the brush.Again, I’m hopeful.But not confident, um, we’ll see we’ll see you know.Everything feels good, it looks good.But we’re going to find out how it performs and so I think that’s the next step.